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You Don't Have to Live in a Dirty Home

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Different spaces need different amounts of cleaning. A small family home might not get as dirty as a busy office. That's why Xtreme Clean offers customizable service plans. You can arrange for weekly or biweekly cleaning services to get the cleaning you need on a schedule that works for you. You can also choose between surface level and deep cleaning to make sure your space gets the attention it needs.

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Leave Cleaning to the Pros

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Cleaning might seem like a simple enough task, but it's easy to leave dust and dirt behind. Xtreme Clean has been providing residential and commercial cleaning services for a decade. Our cleaning company can thoroughly clean every space in your home or office, from the floor of your kitchen to the windowsill in your bathroom.

You can rely on us for cleaning services like...

  • Post-construction cleaning - We'll come in after the construction crew is finished to make sure your space is free of leftover debris and dirt.
  • Surface cleaning - You can arrange for a quick dusting, vacuuming and mopping of your primary surfaces to keep your space looking great.
  • Deep cleaning - Our team will go the extra mile to reach the toughest spaces in your home or office.

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